The Course

Hustle Up the Hancock is a charity stair climb.

Proceeds benefit Respiratory Health Association’s education, research and policy change efforts to achieve healthy lungs and clean air for all. Participants are encouraged to set fundraising goals and we provide support and motivation to help them reach their goals.

On event day at John Hancock Center, climbers take off in 8 second intervals creating staggered starts in the Omron Full Climb and the CBS2 Half Climb. Both climbs happen simultaneously in two separate stairwells.


Omron Full Climb: 94 floors

The Omron Full Climb appeals to everyone from competitive athletes looking for the ultimate winter challenge to individuals wanting to honor or remember a loved one affected by lung disease. You can push yourself for a fast climb time or set a comfortable pace to the finish line – make the Hustle experience uniquely yours. Check out the special Divisions and consider forming a team for the Fleet Feet Sports Team Challenge.

We recommend training prior to the Omron Full Climb. The course consists of 1,632 steps.

CBS2 Half Climb: 52 floors

For climbers seeking a challenging workout, the CBS2 Half Climb is ideal. Participants start on the 42nd floor and finish in 360 CHICAGO. The Fleet Feet Sports Team Challenge is open to participants in the CBS2 Half Climb as well.

The CBS2 Half Climb has 816 steps. We recommend training prior to your climb.

Virtual Climb

Have a conflict with the event date but don’t want to miss this year’s Hustle excitement? You can still have an impact on RHA’s efforts to help people living with asthma, COPD, lung cancer and other lung diseases. Sign up for the Hustle Virtual Climb.

Virtual Climbers receive a Hustle t-shirt, bib and commemorative medal and they can qualify for fundraising contests and all levels of fundraising incentive prizes.

About the Stairs

John Hancock Center stairwells turn to the left. The number of steps and the height of individual stairs varies from floor to floor. While climbing, please pass on the right side of the stairwell.

Headphones are permitted during your climb, with volume set at a reasonable level to remain aware of other climbers. We provide water bottles in the concourse area and throughout the stairwells. Medical staff are stationed throughout the stairwells and at the 360 CHICAGO Finish Line if assistance is needed.

Only registered participants, staff and volunteers are allowed in the stairwells. We do not permit the carrying of infants or small children up the stairs.

Finish Line: 360 CHICAGO

Soaring 1,000 feet over legendary Michigan Avenue is one of the city’s most unique attractions – 360 CHICAGO. Located on the 94th floor of John Hancock Center, 360 CHICAGO offers breathtaking views of Chicago’s skyline, lakefront and four neighboring states.

Both the Omron Full Climb and the CBS2 Half Climb end in 360 CHICAGO. Your friends and family can purchase Finish Line Tickets to watch you emerge triumphant from the stairwell.

Water and light snacks are provided to climbers at the finish line. You are welcome to cool down as long as you like while enjoying the views.

Aurelio's Pizza Hustle After Party

Climbers and guests are invited to attend the Aurelio’s Pizza Hustle After Party, hosted by the Hilton Suites Chicago just around the corner from John Hancock Center. In addition to delicious Aurelio’s Pizza, we offer snacks and beverages in a party atmosphere to celebrate your successful climb to the top.